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The ugly world of Yoka.

2 May
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short biography
heyllo. i'm honored that you take the time to look my LJ & profile. my name is Akiharu.
Height : 160
Weight : 54
Favorite Food : rice & lemon/coffee/alcohol flavors.
Favorite Brands : sex pot revenge, sexy dynamite london, listen flavor, vivienne westwood, le temps des cerises, doc.martens, kanabeach, vuitton & some luxury brands.
Favorite color : white, black, purple.
Favorite animal : ducks, cats, dogs, seals, goats.
Idols : ryutaro, makoto, hitsugi, zero, hiko.
Hobbies : guitar, video games, cooking, shopping.
(^o^)/ : cute things, excentric fashion, Tim Burton, candies, dying my hairs, England, cinema, sleeping, taking a bath, walking arround the streets, drawing.
(>_<") : tokio hotel & tecktonik trend. xD And yeah, that's all. No, wait, I don't like homophobia, fan fictions, and when you mistreat poors animals. And these people WhO WrItE LiKe ThIs, or lik diz, or LIKE THIS. Don't say "kawaii", "ne", "arigatô" and others stuffs if you aren't japanese, it's very irritating.

12012, ancafe, aibell, aicle., ayabie, baggy-bogy, cali≠gari, charlotte, clearveil, clavier, d'espairsray, d=out, danger☆gang, deathgaze, dir en grey, doremidan, exist†trace, heart, heidi., hide, hime ichigo, inugami circus dan, irokui., jinkaku radio, jun, kagerou, kannivalism, lolita23q, lm.c, lulu, merry, miyavi, mucc, panic channel, plastic tree, rentrer en soi, sadie, serial⇔number, soroban, sug, the gazette, the studs, tm.revolution, xtripx, zoro.
ayumi hamasaki, billy talent, the birthday massacre, björk, capsule, cascade, the clash, the cure, danny elfman, david bowie, the dresden dolls, emilie autumn, emilie simon, go!go!7188, lily allen, madonna, monkey majik, motley crue, my chemical romance, p!nk, puffy amiyumi, riyu kosaka, serj tankian, shiina ringo, strawberry switchblade, tegan and sara, tm.revolution, etc. too hot to chose my fav' after ancafe...

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